ron veronda an advocate for educational changeEach presentation is designed to move to the unique interests and desires of the audience. The question and answer period is often of prime importance, as it helps to expand the presentation and provide personal guidance.

Workshops have a distinct advantage over presentations as they are more interactive, with group and individual activities, sometimes music and movement in and out of doors as is possible. In addition, subjects can be extended, and more time can be spent in practice bringing home the concepts taught. As education “begins and ends” with what is called key relationships, participants will be able to experience this personally.

School Renewal...Common Sense Meets A Wiser Way

(3 – 5 hours)
ron offers professional development for teachers

In this thought provoking and entertaining presentation some basic assumptions and practices of education are revisited. Educators will find themselves learning, first hand, techniques that can dramatically increase teacher effectiveness and revitalize students and teachers alike. Learn more.

Proactive Discipline; Responsibility with a Smile

 (3 to 5 hours)

kids discussing the Peace Program

In this dynamic workshop you will learn how to have effective discipline with your students, where behaviors change for the better and life-learning takes place—with a smile. Learn more.


Stopping School Violence

 (3 to 5 hours)

educational tips for children and teens prevents bad decisions

This workshop is designed to stop violence before it occurs and create the school environment that will allow problems to be solved more thoroughly if they do arise. Learn more.