workshop two

Proactive Discipline; Responsibility with a Smile

children smiling and learning life skills

(3 – 5 hours)
Audience: primarily educators; can be adapted for parents

The original meaning of the word discipline comes from the Latin word discipere and meant, according to Harper’s Dictionary, “training given to disciples” or “analyzing and grasping intellectually.” The meaning most often given to “discipline” in our society today is more synonymous with the word punishment, and punishment doesn’t involve training, intellectual understanding or analysis. With punishment there is no internalization of what is needed to create positive behavioral change.

effective educaiton begins with societal change, rethinking education

In this dynamic workshop you will learn how to have effective discipline with your students, where behaviors change for the better and life-learning takes place—with a smile.


Participants will learn:

  • The underlying relationship necessary for effective discipline
  • Teaching practices that stop oppositional positioning by students
  • The importance of non-judgment; disciplining the behavior, not the child
  • How to see the true child and not the child’s ego
  • The purpose of anger, fear, depression
  • Safe and supportive body language  
  • Giving emotions a healthy form of expression
  • The proper use of administrative staff and counselors
  • How to connect the child (and the classroom lessons) to the larger picture