Creating Safer Schools
Healthier Communities

stop violence in schools and society

True Security
Violence comes from somewhere. At first that sounds like a scary proposition, but in fact it is the underlying mind-set that is needed to find solutions to the all–too-common violence erupting in our schools. Security is not simply metal detectors and guards at school gates. Security begins inside each and every one of us as well as in the classroom, halls and surrounding community.

education tips for children and teens on how to handle crisis

We May Be Creating Some of Our Problems
Without knowing it, some basic concepts underlying how we organize our schools and how we have been taught to “teach” actually set the stage for confrontation. Teachers, parents and children get really excited when they realize there are things they can do to stop violence before it erupts!

Proactive Moves
Problem solving has three levels; crisis response, crisis intervention and prevention. All three steps need to be enacted for violence to recede. Our society has had a lot of practice responding on the first two levels but is relatively blind to the most important stage of all-- “prevention.”

Waiting for violence to be present before acting is not only unwise it’s foolish