reinvigorate educators

teacher demonstrating effective education

Relieving Stress
The stresses and strains of teaching seem to come from everywhere. It will not come as a surprise, however, that increasing our success as educators and earning the sincere appreciation of children, parents and coworkers will do a lot to change how we face each day.

Not a Blue Collar Job
Contrary to the educational design we inherited, teaching is not a blue collar job. There is, in fact, no more important profession than that of teacher. Brain surgeons do the critical work of saving lives and corporate CEO’s manage a lot of people and money but teachers literally create the future of our society and our world. Reclaiming your profession (without politics and money) and reconnecting with why you became a teacher in the first place is the first step in loving what you do. Find out how wonderful it is to get up in the morning and go to “work” when what you do has true meaning, is successful and appreciated.