workshop three

Stopping School Violence
Everyday Actions and Long-term Solutions

(5 hours)

Audience: educators, social workers, psychologists, community activists; anyone concerned with stopping violence and creating a healthier world.

stopping violence in schools and society 2 parents discussWaiting for violence to be present before acting is not only unwise, it’s foolish. This workshop is designed to stop violence before it occurs and create the school environment that will allow problems to be solved more thoroughly if they do arise.

Participants will learn:

  • The societal mind-set underlying violence and how to shift it to one that is healthier
  • How to teach in a way that decreases confrontation and increases participation
  • How to integrate anger, fear, depression and stress into healthy expressions
  • The four reoccurring causes of school shootings and how to prevent them
  • Techniques for working with angry youth
  • How to look at security from the inside as well as from the outside
  • How to reconnect with our own security, so we can better move to the security of others