About ron veronda

ron veronda taking a break from teaching school administrators how to stop violence in schools Ron Veronda found what he calls “his vocation and avocation” early in life and began teaching formally in schools by age 20. He has over thirty-five years experience teaching and administering schools for children, youth and adults in private and public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ron has personally taught grades 1 through 12, and served as school principal in elementary and middle schools. He has been teaching graduate level courses here and abroad for the last thirteen years


Innovative moves

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After seeing the situation in our schools and communities change so dramatically over his first twenty years as an educator Ron was motivated to move beyond his regular duties to look for solutions. In 1993 he co-founded The Children's Consulting Center, a think-tank and action center for children, parents and educators in San Mateo, California.

The staff of counselors and educators—working creatively with children and teens in need managed to find sensible answers to some of the most pressing problems facing not only at-risk children but all children and all schools. In 1995, excited by the possibility, Ron created an alternative school for troubled teens within his public school system. He did this not only to meet the pressing needs of the teenagers, but also to model to other educators and parents some of the more effective techniques learned at the center.


the message spreads

hands raised, people interested in learning more educational tips for children and teens  Clear intention and intense focus bred incredible success over the years. Teachers, principals and parents from across the two city school district began to rely heavily on the work of the center. The reputation of the center grew and spread, primarily by word of mouth. Ron began receiving requests to speak and conduct workshops outside the city, then outside the state and--to Ron’s amazement--outside the country. In 2001, Ron was asked to represent the field of education at Leading to the Edge, an international peace conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands. This was to become the first of many international conferences and speaking engagements Ron would be asked to give. He is sought out as a passionate and unique speaker and conducts workshops and conferences in the United States and Europe.

Working with Individual Children and Teens

While stepping away from his traditional school duties, Ron knew it was important to continue to work personally with individual children and teens. He has helped hundreds of students (and their parents and teachers) reconnect with what Ron calls “true education.”

Ron Veronda Working with teens in crisis

as a consultant

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Current and future educators from around the world now consult with him on issues ranging from effective teaching techniques to how to create alternative schools. He assists others in finding solutions to large and small problems by demonstrating how to step outside normative thought patterns and mainstream assumptions that he feels blind us from seeing possible answers. To inquire about a consultation with Mr. Veronda.

One of Ron’s special interests is showing communities how to “truly” stop the violence that is plaguing our schools. Ron is author of No More Turning Away, A Revolution in Education, Solutions for a Violent World and contributing author to Educating for Humanity; Rethinking the Purposes of Education, by Mike Seymour. He has been featured twice in Educare magazine.