Education For Your Life


ron veronda an advocate for more effective educationRon Veronda is an internationally respected educator with over thirty years experience as a teacher, school administrator and innovator in education. He is truly an uncommon voice in the all too common world of educational challenge. Ron advocates a proactive approach in his workshops and speaking engagements that is based on the long-held idea that education is not solely the preparation for a job someday, but the preparation for life; today and every day. He specializes in finding long-term solutions to "life" educational problems for individual children, teens, parents, teachers and communities. He is known for his highly effective yet unusual approaches to problem solving and has helped improve individual lives, classrooms, schools and communities around the globe.

Renewing and reInvigorating educators

Renewing education in schools and classrooms to:  

Working With Varied Groups

    teacher working with kids in a hands on environmentRon works with any and all people concerned with the welfare of children and teenagers today. He has experience working with children, teenagers, educators, parents, psychologists, social workers, community activists and more in large and small venues ranging from groups in the hundreds to individuals. Contact us to learn more